The BenAnna Band is

available to Perform virtually or in Person at...


birthday parties


family parties

school events

library events

Music Events for Children with Special Needs

whatever you could imagine!

we're also available for Interviews or to present at conferences or Workshops for a wide range of facilities.


Click to listen to our podcast interview with Tricia from Music Therapy Chronicles 

"Ben and Anna made the environment fun and inclusive for the children with lots of instruments and sing-a-long, which the kids loved. They complement each other very well, which allowed for a much wider set of songs too that sounded great. They had high energy, were a pleasure to be around, and we look forward to working with them again." 

- Dad of a 3 & 5 Year Old From garden City, NY

"As a Mom to a very special little girl, who shows little interest on things around her and is almost non-verbal, it fills my heart to see and HEAR my little girl so excited when she watches the BenAnnaBand’s videos. Music speaks to children in ways most adults can’t, and it’s so revitalizing to see a band on a mission to make little ones smile, sing, and dance. Thanks to the BenAnnaBand for making my princess’ days filled with joy and excitement."

- Mom of 4 Year old from Queens, NY

"The Benanna Bands' Kindness, and inclusiveness of all kids is exactly what the world needs."

- k-12 Teacher from Hicksville, NY

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