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The BenAnna Band is
available to Perform virtually or in Person at...
birthday parties
family parties
school events
library events
Music Events for Children with Special Needs

whatever you could imagine!

we're also available for Interviews or to present at conferences or Workshops for a wide range of facilities.


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Anna and Ben are exceptionally gifted at engaging and connecting with young children through music, and they do so expertly even through Zoom. Their warm, loving, and bright personalities radiate through in a way that kids just click with instantly. My 3.5 year old son loves their online videos and live classes. Not only do the classes keep him entertained and occupied (big plus for this momma of 2), but I am happy to see him practicing skills like rhythm, sign language, body coordination, academic concepts. I also appreciate the themes of social awareness that Ben and Anna incorporate into their classes. Thank you Anna and Ben for sharing your talent, sweetness, and positive energy with our families! 

- Mom of 1 and 3.5 year old from Queens, NY


As a Mom to a very special little girl, who shows little interest on things around her and is almost non-verbal, it fills my heart to see and HEAR my little girl so excited when she watches the BenAnnaBand’s videos. Music speaks to children in ways most adults can’t, and it’s so revitalizing to see a band on a mission to make little ones smile, sing, and dance. Thanks to the BenAnnaBand for making my princess’ days filled with joy and excitement.


- Mom of 4 Year old from Queens, NY

Ben and Anna made the environment fun and inclusive for the children with lots of instruments and sing-a-long, which the kids loved. They complement each other very well, which allowed for a much wider set of songs too that sounded great. They had high energy, were a pleasure to be around, and we look forward to working with them again. 


- Dad of a 3 & 5 Year Old from Garden City, NY


Ben and Anna are fantastic online educators! It takes a special teacher to make conscious connections for our future leaders. The BenAnna Band designs brilliant curriculum where my daughter learns and builds upon knowledge on a weekly basis. Both are such skilled music teachers that involve my daughter in each class where she feels she’s really a part of it! I couldn’t recommend them enough. We love the BenAnna Band!

- Mom of a 2 year old from Long Island, NY

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