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"As a physical therapist, I often use music to motivate my kiddos. BenAnna Band makes it so easy to address PT goals with their Videos! My students are captivated by their energy and happily participate in the motions. Ben and Anna have the ability to encourage any child to focus and engage, which is a huge help to me as I try to work on their gross motor skills. My most active kids have been able to keep calm bodies and make good progress with the help of BenAnna Band music."


- Pediatric Physical 

Therapist from Queens, NY

"Anyone who has ever come across Ben or Anna knows the energy that radiates from them is palpable. Children are eager to see them, and rave about their experiences with them long after the session is over. To see that kind of dedication and expertise in a musical setting is what every parent should hope for, and the pure joy that Ben and Anna conjure is what every child will feel."

- Mom of 2 year old

From northport, NY

"The BenAnna Band is truly a magical experience. As an art therapist, early childhood educator, and parent, I have had the privilege of watching many children enjoy the music of The Benanna Band.  Ben and Anna have an incredible ability to engage children in musical conversations that are fun, educational, and inspiring. Their messages of love, kindness, inclusion, and acceptance are felt not only through the music they play, but also the way they interact with each other and the audience. You cannot help but be instantly infused with joy and happiness as you dance and sing along to the incredible repertoire performed by these talented musicians!"

- Mom of 10 and 8 year old from Rockville Centre, NY

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