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What is the BenAnna Band?

The BenAnna Band is a nationally touring children's duo that focuses on music and inclusion for kiddos of all ages, abilities and identities

What makes them different than other children's bands?

The BenAnna Band stresses the importance of individualized musical interaction, so they bring live musical instruments to all their concerts for the audience to physically participate in the music;

every concert is different based on YOUR playing!  They also personalize each event according to your preferences or chosen theme so each concert is unique in musical set!  The BenAnna Band wants to see you singing, playing, and dancing with them so there will be plenty of opportunities to follow the lyrics for group dancing, playing, and singing along with spotlight moments for everyone

to rock out their own way!

"All your music needs, for all ages & abilities" What does that mean?

Both Ben and Anna have worked with students with developmental delays with a wide range of diagnoses throughout the life span, so they wanted this band to be completely inclusive.  They have years of experience working with neuro-divergent students and so all performances are sensory friendly! Ben and Anna's original songs emphasize the importance of processing, drawing from not only their own childhoods but also from a wide range of different childhood experiences, so almost everyone can find one musical

experience that they connect to.

What is BenAnna Band's dream?

The BenAnna Band wants to play music, end of story.  They want to play and create music that will be used for fun, for professional use, for special occasions, for any purpose really. 

One of their biggest goals is to create original music and specifically to have that music published for use in the classroom setting for any child no matter their abilities.

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