Celebrating  Winter Holidays Experiences & Videos

“I am a Latke,” by Debbie Friedman, is a fun and funky tune about the beloved Jewish potato pancake that also explores other traditional Jewish foods associated with holidays/days of observance. The song also delivers a message of appreciation and charity.


One of the biggest goals of the BenAnna Band is to celebrate the beauty of culture and community, whether it be your own culture, that of your friends or family, or something unfamiliar to your own experience. We all have rituals, traditions, and times of gathering that help to illustrate our interconnectedness and love for one another. These foods, songs, stories, prayers, and other customs bring our collective humanity to light, and especially at this time of year, as the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, it is incredibly important to remind ourselves of the experiences we can share, the memories we create during our holidays. 

This is our funky and fun cover of Vulfpeck's "Christmas in LA"


We invite all of our friends at home to read/sing along with the lyrics provided, and more importantly to move, groove, and perhaps even join in on the fun with household percussion (i.e. pots/pans/pencils/macaroni in a sealed cup/anything you can think of) or with an air instrument—just imagine playing any of the instruments you hear!


While most of our videos incorporate more emphasis on interactive musical experience, we thought it important to ring in Christmas Day with some cheer, and in doing so we wanted to allow this video to be a more freely formed experience, so as such feel free to listen/sing/dance/play along to this song in whatever manner the music moves you.

Auld Lang Syne is one of Ben's favorite holiday songs.  We did this video just as a musical acknowledgement of the new year.  Feel free to encourage your students to grab an instrument and play along with us!

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