Transportation Experiences & Videos

In our Tips & Tricks section we talk about using imaginative play often during our classes and performances and this is a great example of that.  "Taxi" is a short experience that simulates the speed of being in a taxi while being aware of red lights and green lights.  This experience focuses on:

- Auditory awareness (tempo changes, stop & go)

- Self regulation 

- Increasing focus & attention span

- Impulse control

- Gross motor movement

- Hand eye coordination 

- Sustaining balance

There’s a Train is one of our very favorite classroom experiences. This song invites our friends to join us on a train ride, exploring the noises we might hear on a train and introducing a motor concept with each of those noises. This sequenced sound-and-movement play not only benefits motor and cognitive development, but also seeks to increase short term memory recall as we re-list all of our train sounds and movements throughout the song.