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Transportation Experiences & Videos

In our Tips & Tricks section we talk about using imaginative play often during our classes and performances and this is a great example of that.  "Taxi" is a short experience that simulates the speed of being in a taxi while being aware of red lights and green lights.  This experience focuses on:

- Auditory awareness (tempo changes, stop & go)

- Self regulation 

- Increasing focus & attention span

- Impulse control

- Gross motor movement

- Hand eye coordination 

- Sustaining balance

Vroom, vroom, everybody in the car! We’re in for a silly ride, with Mama kicking off the trip as our first driver, although who knows who’s taking the wheel next! This upbeat sequencing song focuses on different parts of a car and what they do, with the engaging twist of changing the “driver” of the vehicle as the song continues. This leaves an opportunity for kiddos and caretakers to insert their own characters into the driver’s seat, allowing anyone, from “Grandpa” to “Goldfish,” to take the spotlight! In this video, we go with Mama, Grandpa, Baby, and Dog, but feel free to engage your kiddos’ creativity by recreating this song on your own!

There’s a Train is one of our very favorite classroom experiences. This song invites our friends to join us on a train ride, exploring the noises we might hear on a train and introducing a motor concept with each of those noises. This sequenced sound-and-movement play not only benefits motor and cognitive development, but also seeks to increase short term memory recall as we re-list all of our train sounds and movements throughout the song.

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