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Tips and Tricks from the BenAnna Band

Some ideas and suggestions of how to incorporate American Sign Language into music, the classroom and at home!  It's no surprise that Anna loves ASL for a wide range of developmental goal areas like language, fine motor, cognitive skills, etc so find out how she incorporates it and how much to incorporate at once.  If you have questions about ASL be sure to shoot Anna an email or message on Facebook.

Tips for sustaining attention and focus during a live virtual session or class!  We focus on being accessible throughout performances and one way of doing that is thorough creative ideas of re-using everyday items to be musical!  Watch to learn more!

Learn about the comedy and improv concept of "Yes, and...".  It's something that we use in our daily life as adults but also something we pride ourselves in when working with kiddos.  Learn about why we use it and why it's important for a students' social emotional goal areas to use it and model it!

Trick for increasing engagement BenAnna style: imaginative play and pretend trips to environmentally appropriate locations!  We also encourage our kiddos to tell us what they "see" at our final destination and incorporate their ideas into class.

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