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Celebrating  Spring Holidays Experiences & Videos

This instrument exploration experience gives students' opportunities to follow a two bar rhythm and express themselves independent while the lyrics focus on mothers and all the different mothers students' might have in their life.  This song is adapted from "FAMILY" by Laurie Berkner Band.  Go to the YouTube video to see the adapted lyrics!

"Fairy Ring" is a fantastical narrative song, which is new territory for us to be sure. The song describes a happenstance sighting of a fairy ring (a naturally occurring growth of mushrooms in a circle), where the narrator meets an actual fairy! The rest of the song draws from fairy folklore, with the fairy repeatedly inviting the narrator to dance around the titular fairy ring, with the narrator responding: “No, no, no, thanks but I won’t go! ‘You don’t take a chance on a fairy dance,’ my mama told me so, ‘For as you swing around the fairy ring, you’ll get so sore ‘til you drop to the floor and sleep right through the spring!’ ” This concept is a kiddo-friendly adaptation of old Western European lore surrounding fairy rings, as well how to fictionally conduct oneself around the mischievous fair folk!

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