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Song Book Experiences & Videos

"Hip & Hop Don’t Stop" by Jon Czekaj. This book is great for working with speed or tempos. Plus some super silly animal names that grownups will get a kick out of!

This engaging and interactive book is a great resource year round but especially for Pride Month! Before the book we discuss who Drag Queens can be and talk about gender expression. We use a lot of language in this video that might not be familiar to kiddos. We hope that some of these terms might get a conversation about gender started in your home or classroom once your kiddos are developmentally prepared for learning more about gender and gender expression.

"Rap A Tap Tap" by Leo & Diane Dillon is a great rhyming book for kiddos of all ages and abilities while educating and celebrating a famous Black American Tap Dancer named Bill "Bojangles" Robinson.  We've added a melody to this book for some extra engagement and melodic phrasing to each rhyme scheme.  Feel free to get a little silly and tap dance during this book or pat your knees to the beat.

"Bear Snores On" is a wonderful book that uses so many different winter animals to talk about hibernation.  We added music to this book to create a soothing energy to the video.  Feel free to use this experience right before bed or nap to regulate and relax your kiddos.

Baby Beluga is a children's classic by one of our artist heroes, Raffi.  We recorded our lullaby version of this song story book to be a relaxation video and to help kiddos self regulate by engaging in an auditory moment with a slower tempo, softer timbre of voice, lyrical piano and guitar playing.  You can always use this resource to talk about the different sea animals drawn in the book, which we take multiple moments to address through the video.  You can also work on memory recall by encouraging your kiddos to sing along to the repeated line "baby beluga" or ask various questions about the book after the viewing (i.e. "what animal is the book about?", "where does the beluga live?", "what other animals live with the beluga?", etc.)

We love "Pete the Cat I Love My White MASK" because it not only normalizes wearing a mask but the hook of the book is "Did Pete cry? Goodness no!" Experiencing these moments of resiliency with Pete helps to create a positive attachment to an accessory that might feel new and even strange at first, but can help to teach children how applying kindness and consideration can make the world a safer, healthier place.


Along with these goals of reinforcing new safety protocol behaviors, we also sought to address cognitive goal areas such as color recognition, pattern recognition/sequencing, and short term memory recall. To musically emphasize these growth moments and encourage opportunities to sing/read along, we recorded "gang vocals" to simulate a classroom participating in this storytime experience together. 

"The Shy Little Monster" by Stephanie Leavell, MTBC is a favorite of ours!  This short experience focuses on social-emotional skills and cognitive skills such as:

- Emotional Recognition (i.e. shy)

- Auditory Awareness (i.e. whisper verse super loud voice)

- Following directions (i.e. volume of voice)

- Repetition and Sequencing Skills (i.e. "he jumped up to yell BOO")

- Increasing Attention Span and Focus (we incorporated short questions, spontaneous video clips, short dialogue, etc. to sustain kiddos attention)

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