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Radio Hits Experiences & Videos

"Walking on Sunshine" is a great song to use after a discussion about the current weather or Spring/Summer weather.  This experience we focus on independent self expression through individual gross movement.  There are many repeated lyrics to encourage kiddos to increase language and communication by singing along (especially "walking on sunshine whoa!" section).  To help with not becoming over stimulated by the high affect and rhythmic guitar, during the bridge we dramatically change the volume of the song to give a moment of more quiet energy and this will also offer an opportunity for assessing environmental awareness.

This experience can also spark a conversation about celebrating Pride Month in June! Elton John is a Gay Icon, LGBTQ+ advocate, and challenged many gender stereotypes through his iconic performance costumes and gender fluid clothing. We focus on playing a rhythm to the word 'crocodile' (it plays: 2 + 4) throughout the verse and then encourage vocal engagement during the chorus by focusing on single syllable words (i.e. la, wah, meow) with visual prompts to increase familiarity. This experience can be further adapted as a receptive experience, language based experience, personal expression experience, or movement experience. We also encourage you to give your kiddos and clients the opportunity for individual input of what animal/person you could sound like in the chorus (i.e. sing like a dog, sing like sleeping bear, etc.). There's no limit but if you want some more ideas feel free to email us to get creative!

"Rainbow Connection" is a beloved favorite of ours but we took this classic and twisted to incorporate a slow five count rhythm to begin the experience and then had a speed up section to finish it off.  Having instruments for this song would be extremely beneficial and engaging for your kiddos!

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