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Our Current Favorites!

This engaging and interactive book is a great resource year round but especially for Pride Month! Before the book we discuss who Drag Queens can be and talk about gender expression. We use a lot of language in this video that might not be familiar to kiddos. We hope that some of these terms might get a conversation about gender started in your home or classroom once your kiddos are developmentally prepared for learning more about gender and gender expression.

When we used to worked in school settings, we had large bug and insect themes during April/May area and this was such a big hit with our kiddos.  In this prerecorded experience, the last verse asks our friends to say their name out loud to be a part of the song with us. In live experiences however, we often called out different numbers of "bees" along with individual names to be highlighted in the middle of the circle, creating a turn taking experience that focuses on impulse control and cognitive skills such as counting, name recognition, appropriate movement and noises associated with bumblebees.

Vroom, vroom, everybody in the car! We’re in for a silly ride, with Mama kicking off the trip as our first driver, although who knows who’s taking the wheel next! This upbeat sequencing song focuses on different parts of a car and what they do, with the engaging twist of changing the “driver” of the vehicle as the song continues. This leaves an opportunity for kiddos and caretakers to insert their own characters into the driver’s seat, allowing anyone, from “Grandpa” to “Goldfish,” to take the spotlight! In this video, we go with Mama, Grandpa, Baby, and Dog, but feel free to engage your kiddos’ creativity by recreating this song on your own!

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