Our Current Favorites!

Our 20 minute May music class includes "Say Hey", "Move It, Move It", "Hey Hey Hello", "You'll Sing a Song", "Rain Medley", "Colors Colors" and "So Long Farewell".  This interactive video focuses on musical engagement, weather and color recognition.

This song experience is centered around emotional and physical regulation. By setting aside a moment to take a “rainbow breath” (a stretching and breathing exercise), we practice mindfulness, grounding ourselves within our bodies and to the present moment. In a world filled with overwhelming feelings and over-stimulating surroundings, the need for increased regulation is apparent to all of us at any given minute. Even in instances of play and joy, we can forget our relation to our space or experience an inability to focus or “calm down.” Taking a rainbow breath is a way to calm our internal world in order to “brighten” the world around us. Plus, the gross motor experience of lifting our arms as we inhale and stretching them wide as we exhale is not only physically satisfying, but also serves as a helpful visualization activity! We hope this is a useful and regulating resource for both you and your kiddos!

This experience focuses on 7 colors that can be seen in a rainbow while using American Sign Language for all the color names, 'rainbow' and 'colors'.  The extra visual aids offer a more interactive experience with the viewer so they can call out what color is being asked to be identified.  With each repetition of the chorus we increase the tempo, thus increasing the ASL.