Our Current Favorites!

"Fairy Ring" is a fantastical narrative song, which is new territory for us to be sure. The song describes a happenstance sighting of a fairy ring (a naturally occurring growth of mushrooms in a circle), where the narrator meets an actual fairy! The rest of the song draws from fairy folklore, with the fairy repeatedly inviting the narrator to dance around the titular fairy ring, with the narrator responding: “No, no, no, thanks but I won’t go! ‘You don’t take a chance on a fairy dance,’ my mama told me so, ‘For as you swing around the fairy ring, you’ll get so sore ‘til you drop to the floor and sleep right through the spring!’ ” This concept is a kiddo-friendly adaptation of old Western European lore surrounding fairy rings, as well how to fictionally conduct oneself around the mischievous fair folk! 

"There's a Dinosaur Knocking at my Door" by Miss Julieann ​ This experience uses imaginative play, dramatic affect, and the art of sabotage to increase communication, recognizing familiar noises, and continuing to facilitate an appropriate and friendly relationship with fellow students and adults engaging in the experience together.

"Hooray for 100 Days" written and recorded by BenAnna Band In this experience we count to 100 while doing 10 different groups of movements to celebrate the 100th Day of School. Along with the cognitive and motor skills we're working on throughout the experience, we're also challenging your kiddos' attention span, recognition of numbers, sequencing, following visual and verbal directives, while allowing for moments of independent self expression which is one of our biggest goals in all of our musical experiences. This resource can be adapted to count by 10's instead of 1's if you're working towards that educational goal and looking for a shorter experience.  This can easily be done by singing acapella and clapping your hands to keep the beat or we'd be happy to share the chords so you can accompany you and your students.  Just shoot us an email if you're looking for the chords.