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New Language Experiences & Videos

For Deaf Awareness Month BenAnna Band reached out to Deaf and Hard of Hearing families to collaborate for this alphabet project!

We focus on the concept that flowers need sun and rain in order to grow so we focus on those three vocabulary signs throughout the chorus. Please note we're only teaching individual words in ASL, if you're looking to learn how to sign fluently we can direct you to classes and Deaf teachers that would be happy to teach you! We love incorporating ASL into musical experiences for the kinestic approach to understanding language. When you sing/say a word while signing the word you're providing three different pathways for the brain to make that connection for your students, visually (seeing the sign), auditory (hearing the word) and physically (moving our body while signing). You'll notice in the video we bold and underlined certain words to emphasize what word we're signing in the moment. We also included a countermelody in the video by singing the A section and B section at the same time and prompting our viewers to sing along with the words on the screen/with Ben or Anna depending on which round it was. This can be done in person by encouraging adults in the room to sing a section while you sing the opposite to give your students both models. This will also be a great experience to continue to present multiple weeks so the students will engage more and more vocally as the repetition continues week to week.

This experience focuses on 7 colors that can be seen in a rainbow while using American Sign Language for all the color names, 'rainbow' and 'colors'.  The extra visual aids offer a more interactive experience with the viewer so they can call out what color is being asked to be identified.  With each repetition of the chorus we increase the tempo, thus increasing the ASL.  

 This music and movement experience focuses on motor, language, cognitive skills and self awareness all while engaging in Spanish!  Let's look at the movement goals we're working on through "Mi Cuerpo Hace Musicia"

- Body awareness

- Gross motor movement (stomping and clapping)

- Crossing the midline (clapping)

- Increasing balance

- Lateral gross motor movement (shaking hips side to side)

- Body part identification

- Following patterns 

This short video shows four different American Sign Language signs for cow, chicken, goat and pig with those real animals in the frame!

"All the Fish" by Caspar Babypants is a great adaptive experience to focus on different water animals.  We incorporate various ASL signs for various animals; fish, shark, octopus and crab. 


We love incorporating ASL to increase communication and challenge students' body isolation and fine motor movement.  This song also has a fantastic anticipatory moment written into it with "bubble, bubble, bubble, pop" moment that you can stretch out for your students' to increase focus/attention, high affect and filling in the blank.

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