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Monthly Music Classes

February 30 Minute class focuses on Rainbows and includes "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?"

Our 20 minute October music class focuses on affirmations.  It includes "I've Just Seen a Friend", "Just Dance", "Hey Hey Hello", "FAMILY", "Sunshine (My Song)", "Shy Little Monster" and "So Long Farewell".

This is a 20 minute music class that focuses on self regulation, or calming down our body.

August 20 minute class focuses on affirmations and self love.

Our 20 minute June music class includes "Crocodile Rock", "Hey Hey Hello", "Make Some Rhythm", "Grandpa's Farm", "I Know A Chicken", "Sleeping Bunnies", and "So Long Farewell".  This interactive class focuses on vocal engagement, gross motor skills, animal recognition and self expression!

Our 20 minute May music class includes "Say Hey", "Move It, Move It", "Hey Hey Hello", "You'll Sing a Song", "Rain Medley", "Colors Colors" and "So Long Farewell".  This interactive video focuses on musical engagement, weather and color recognition. 

Our 20 minute class for January includes "Hey Hey Hello", "Over Past the River" (a winter edition of "Over in the Meadow"), "Sleeping Bunnies", "Bear Snores On", "Gonna Play Outside" and "So Long Farewell".  This class focuses on winter animals and clothes!

Our December pre-recorded class includes "Let it Snow", "Hey Hey Hello", "Shake, Shake, Shake and Stop", "FAMILY", "There's a Train", "Hot Chocolate", "We Wish you a Happy Holidays" and "So Long, Farewell".

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