Brian Cook  

All-Powerful Production Wizard

What's up, crazy cats? My name is Brian Cook and I help record, mix and produce the sweet sounds of the Benanna Band.


I've been a musician for as long as I can remember, starting with piano and now focusing on ~chill low-fi beats to study to~ (just kidding – it's more like weird Indie music). When I'm not hangin' with the BenAnna Band, I help run a groovy video synthesizer company called Sleepy Circuits. I love Ben and Anna's zest for life and am so happy to be a part of their musical family. 


Looking to record your next track? Need a producer for your album? Wanna play kazoo into some fancy microphones? Contact me at hello@bpcook.com.  

 Eitan Prouser 

Triangle Enthusiast

Hi everyone!

My name is Eitan Prouser and I am so thrilled to be friends with the BenAnna band! I am a guitarist (whose secret love is the triangle) with a real eclectic background. I have performed in many different ensembles including everything from children’s music, to metal, to classical, to barbershop quartet music, to musical theater. I have also performed on guitar, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, mandolin and more! My main job is as Band Master General (yes that is my job title) at Bach to Rock Port Washington where I teach kids of all ages how to be in their own bands. Music is truly my heart and I love playing everything I can. 

I really believe in the BenAnna band and their mission. They’re going to touch people’s lives and I feel so blessed to be able to make music with them in addition to being friends with them! 

If you need a solo guitarist for an event, an experienced musical theater compatriot, or want some private lessons to get going on your own musical journey fee free to contact me at eitanprousermusic@gmail.com

Hope to see you soon!

 Vibrant Videographer 

Hello from Nicholas Productions!  Ben, Anna and I all met in the dorms in our freshman year of college and we've been great friends ever since! There's always lots of laughs when we're all together! 

Since college I've let my passion guide me, that passion being photography & cinematography! I'm based on Long Island, NY, and my work includes cinematography, photography, photo & video editing, drone photography & cinema and FPV drone work!  My specialties are promotions, weddings and music videos!  

If you'd like more information be sure to check out my instagram @nicholasphotographs or website www.nicholasphotographs.com.  Feel free to email me for any booking information at Ncalabro117@gmail.com

 Ryan Moyer 

 Musical Hand 

Hi everyone!
My name is Ryan and I’m a multi-instrumentalist that plays with the BenAnna band!  Ben and Anna are great friends of mine and I always have so much fun being in their videos, you might know me better as “The Hand” that plays the shaker!
Besides the shaker I also play piano, saxophone, trumpet, drums and bass guitar!  If you're interested in private lessons feel free to contact me at ryan.moyer22@gmail.com.

When I’m not playing music I enjoy going to concerts, trying different foods and spending time with friends and family, especially BenAnna’s cats Billy and Ru!
Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to make more music with The BenAnna band!

  Taylor Robinson  

 Photography Guru 

My name is Taylor Robinson, I am a creative content creator whose passion is photography & cinematography and capturing subjects with my own unique process. Photography gives me the ability to freeze any given moment in time, allowing the viewer to visualize, enjoy, and share for generations to come. I absolutely love having the opportunity to work with friends, and having the privilege of shooting the BenAnna Band photos was an experience I will never forget. Ben & Anna’s energy and passion for having fun always make working together exciting. I am looking forward to following the BenAnna Band’s journey and creating more content together soon! For booking information contact me at taylordeanrobinson@gmail.com

 Gabby Papish 

 Promo Makeup extraordinaire 

Hi I'm Gabby! I've been lucky enough to know both Ben and Anna for a few years now, they are truly amazing individuals.  When Anna asked me to do her makeup, I couldn't say no.  Ever since I was little makeup has always been a passion of mine.  Whether it's a fancy Halloween party or everyday glam, I love being able to try new styles and most importantly have fun!

 Taylor Robinson

Nick Calabro