Jammie Sessions & Yoga Videos

Played while wearing pajamas, the focus of these particular videos will be various musical interventions to assist with regulation and relaxation. In the spirit of this goal, we’ll be putting a relaxing, meditative twist on high energy pop/rock tunes in these videos.
In this first Jammie Session, we’re concentrating on slow, mindful breathing (or “belly breaths”), using the Renee and Jeremy arrangement of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic “Give It Away.” This simple action plays a tremendous role in self-regulation, and our hope is to bring this intervention into greater focus by pairing deep breaths with soothing music.

Another favorite from our own childhood is "Puff the Magic Dragon," but if you know the song, you know that it has a very somber ending, so we found a new ending that we absolutely love.  We encourage our kiddos to get comfy, snuggle a blanket or stuffed animal or to move side to side with us to create a calming and accessible environment to self regulate to.  Not mentioned in the video but if your student needs to move during this experience, encourage them to move like a ballerina to increase auditory awareness (for example we're not in a mosh pit during this song).  We added gang vocals to stimulate a children's-choir-like feeling for the chorus sections. 

This song experience is centered around emotional and physical regulation. By setting aside a moment to take a “rainbow breath” (a stretching and breathing exercise), we practice mindfulness, grounding ourselves within our bodies and to the present moment. In a world filled with overwhelming feelings and over-stimulating surroundings, the need for increased regulation is apparent to all of us at any given minute. Even in instances of play and joy, we can forget our relation to our space or experience an inability to focus or “calm down.” Taking a rainbow breath is a way to calm our internal world in order to “brighten” the world around us. Plus, the gross motor experience of lifting our arms as we inhale and stretching them wide as we exhale is not only physically satisfying, but also serves as a helpful visualization activity! We hope this is a useful and regulating resource for both you and your kiddos!