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"Walking on Sunshine" is a great song to use after a discussion about the current weather or Spring/Summer weather.  This experience we focus on independent self expression through individual gross movement.  There are many repeated lyrics to encourage kiddos to increase language and communication by singing along (especially "walking on sunshine whoa!" section).  To help with not becoming over-stimulated by the high affect and rhythmic guitar, during the bridge we dramatically change the volume of the song to give a moment of more quiet energy and this will also offer an opportunity for assessing environmental awareness.

This Rain Medley was inspired by Stephanie Leavell's "If All the Raindrops Medley."  This experience that ties familiar songs together would be beneficial for increasing independent engagement and language/ communication skills, due to the repetitive nature and familiarity of these songs (i.e. Itsy Bitsy Spider).  The main refrain of the experience "If All the Raindrops" conjures a silly theme of imagining the rain to be candy; the art of sabotage has been proven to increase communication and language with kids, so the idea of rain being candy can continue past this musical experience to further increase independent language development.

"Buzz Buzz Buzz" by Laurie Berkner Band

When we used to worked in school settings, we had large bug and insect themes during April/May area and this was such a big hit with our kiddos.  In this prerecorded experience, the last verse asks our friends to say their name out loud to be a part of the song with us. In live experiences however, we often called out different numbers of "bees" along with individual names to be highlighted in the middle of the circle, creating a turn taking experience that focuses on impulse control and cognitive skills such as counting, name recognition, appropriate movement and noises associated with bumblebees.

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