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Online Performances & Classes

This 15 minute music, movement and storytime was recorded in September for DRAG Activity Time with the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center.  This video includes our adapted "Crocodile Rock" with a rhythm and vocal exploration section, "I Can Do Things" by Stephanie Leavell with a focus on positive affirmations, "Superhero" by Laurie Berkner Band for a fun free movement experience and "Elliot the Midnight Superhero" book!

This 25 minute performance is from February 2021 with our buddies Punkin Futz.  We focus on Black musicians and leaders for Black History Month.  We touch on Big Mama Thronton, Ella Jenkins, Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, Mae Jemison and Guion Bluford.  We do some music and movement and take an imagination destination to space!

This 22 minute interactive music class is focusing on a camping trip!  This video includes "Call Me Al!", "Shake, Shake, Shake and Stop", "Going on a Camping Trip" with a space for students' to interject their ideas, then some fun campfire songs ("Down By the Bay", "Hey Bo Biddly Bop", "Baby Shark", and "Wagon Wheel").

This 18 minute interactive music video focuses on silly songs with some high affect experiences!  The video includes "Shake, Rattle and Roll", "Shake, Shake, Shake and Stop", "Hey Bo Biddly Bop", "I Am a Pizza", "Waiting for the Elevator", "Crocodile Rock"

This 10 minute music performance is from our July performance with Harriet Hancock LGBT Center for DRAG Activity time.  This music video includes "Born This Way", "Move It, Move It" and the book "Some People Do" that talks about all the different type of people and being inclusive!

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