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Food & Nutrition Experiences & Videos

"Vegetable Soup" is adapted from Debbie Burkman's "Chicken Soup for Shabbat"

In our rendition, we incorporate animations on the screen to create a more interactive experience while viewing in sessions, home or school. We also encourage our kiddos to engage in the gross motor movement of "stirring" the pot of soup. Speaking from experience, it is a workout and will increase flexibility, balance, crossing the midline, and hand eye coordination. We also encourage vocalization by inviting our friends to sing along to the melody on a neutral syllable (in this case, "doo-doo-doo) and along to the consistent and repetitive lyrics, with the goal area of increased speech/language in mind (i.e. working to form the specific consonant/vowel shape, matching pitch, recognizing/following cadence, etc).

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