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Fantasy Fun Experiences & Videos

"There's a Dinosaur Knocking at my Door" by Miss Julieann

This experience uses imaginative play, dramatic affect, and the art of sabotage to increase communication, recognizing familiar noises, and continuing to facilitate an appropriate and friendly relationship with fellow students and adults engaging in the experience together.

Another favorite from our own childhood "Puff the Magic Dragon" but if you know the song it has a very somber ending so we found a new ending that we absolutely love.  We encourage our kiddos to get comfy, snuggle a blanket or stuffed animal or to move side to side with us to create a calming and accessible environment to self regulate to.  Not mentioned in the video but if your student needs to move during this experience, encourage them to move like a ballerina to increase auditory awareness (for example we're not in a mosh pit during this song).  We added gang vocals to stimulate a children's choir feeling for the choruses. 

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