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Celebrating  Fall Holidays Experiences & Videos

"Dem Bones" is a familiar music and movement experience that we adapted to encourage more isolated gross and fine motor movement while working on body part identification.

We also encourage independent self expression in our last verse "shake your whole skeleton" to further encourage individual movement as the students' choice.

Throughout the experience we're giving positive reinforcement via smiling, eye contact and verbal praise.

"Let's Sing a Song for Halloween" incorporates American Sign Language to focus on nonverbal communication, fine motor function, mirroring and body part identification.

Here are some other great goals we set to achieve in this experience:

- increasing vocal engagement through vowels (i.e. "oo")

- encouraging and increasing the use of specific vocabulary words (i.e. 'halloween')

- identifying and recognizing seasonally appropriate sounds and images  

"Monster Mash" is a traditional Halloween experience, but this video was actually our first "BenAnna Band & Friends" video.

The "& Friends" videos are important to us to post because we want to model social experiences and how music can bring us together.

In this video we encourage students to grab an instrument (homemade or traditional) and to make music with all our friends together, further encouraging group cohesion and demonstrating appropriate social interactions.

"A Turkey is a Silly Bird" is a short, high affect experience to talk about Turkeys and can be related back to Thanksgiving.  Here are some great goals we're working on through this experience:

- sequencing via repetitive lyrics (i.e. gobble, gobble, gobble)

- auditory awareness of faster tempo

"I Know a Turkey" is adapted from Laurie Berkner's "I Know A Chicken" to incorporate instrument play and connecting it to Thanksgiving.  

While these songs are played here with those goals in mind, the main focus of this video is to promote a grateful attitude, to encourage an openness to sharing our appreciation for the important people in our lives, and most importantly to help educate our littlest friends about the idea of being “thankful.”

"The Shy Little Monster" by Stephanie Leavell, MTBC is a favorite of ours!  This short experience focuses on social-emotional skills and cognitive skills such as:

- Emotional Recognition (i.e. shy)

- Auditory Awareness (i.e. whisper verse super loud voice)

- Following directions (i.e. volume of voice)

- Repetition and Sequencing Skills (i.e. "he jumped up to yell BOO")

- Increasing Attention Span and Focus (we incorporated short questions, spontaneous video clips, short dialogue, etc. to sustain kiddos attention)

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