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Classic Experiences & Videos with a Twist

We adapted the classic "Over in the Meadow" to include animals that hibernate during the Winter time. We discuss what hibernation is and provide visual aids for each animal in the video.

For Deaf Awareness Month BenAnna Band reached out to Deaf and Hard of Hearing families to collaborate for this alphabet project!

Baby Beluga is a children's classic by one of our artist heroes, Raffi.  We recorded our lullaby version of this song story book to be a relaxation video and to help kiddos self regulate by engaging in an auditory moment with a slower tempo, softer timbre of voice, lyrical piano and guitar playing.  You can always use this resource to talk about the different sea animals drawn in the book, which we take multiple moments to address through the video.  You can also work on memory recall by encouraging your kiddos to sing along to the repeated line "baby beluga" or ask various questions about the book after the viewing (i.e. "what animal is the book about?", "where does the beluga live?", "what other animals live with the beluga?", etc.)

We haven't met a kiddo that doesn't know and hasn't immediately redirected their attention back to the music when they hear "Wheels on the Bus" but this classic with a twist takes a little detour and picks up some animals from the zoo on our bus ride!  This experience heavily focuses on being flexible and adapting quickly to the new information.  Your kiddos will engage faster to the new way of this familiar song if the adult present engages vocally along with the prerecorded experience with high affect and smiles.  This technique can be used in all areas of developmental for kiddos, if someone they trust and have a relationship with does the new activity that is presented to the student they are more likely to engage.

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