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In the BenAnna Band Library you'll be able to access all of our free resources online.  Below you will find all our music videos with our clinical rationale behind each musical experience!  We'll also dive deep into one developmental goal area that the video could be focused on to use in classroom or therapy settings!  

We are very excited to present

“Who’s Behind the Mask,” not only because this song experience encourages all of our friends to rock out with some sweet dance moves, encouraging gross motor development/increased gross motor function for a variety of developmental stages, but because it also provides positive reinforcement regarding protective mask-wearing. The invitation to join in with those aforementioned “sweet dance moves” is at the forefront of this experience, our intention being to create an expressive musical space for clients/students/children to explore.


Throughout the song, there are myriad opportunities for personal creative expression through movement and vocalization, especially during the monosyllabic, high-energy chorus section, legitimized through multiple repetitions. The clinical goal areas of this song also include the reinforcement/increase of cognitive skills such as color and shape recognition, autonomous body recognition/awareness, and following verbal/visual movement prompts. Outside of the cognitive, expressive, and motor functioning goal aspects of this song experience, we are also seeking to provide an inclusive and diverse communal experience for children, who may recognize the “classroom-like” or “playground-like” on-screen environment provided by their peers (other children) dancing, inviting them to join in the experience. This camaraderie is further reinforced by the individual diversity of the children in the video, which features both typically-abled/neurotypical children and children with developmental differences.

"The BenAnna Band's Who's Behind the Mask is a fan favorite in my home and I am so excited to bring it to my classroom. Not only is it a catchy and upbeat song, but it also delivers an important message that encourages our children to be socially conscious. It can get challenging for some of my students to wear their masks. Having a fun and encouraging song certainly helps. I also absolutely love the theme of being true to who you are while also protecting others. We just love taking turns creating our own dance moves. The movement break reminds us that even with our masks on, we remain wonderfully and uniquely ourselves!"

Elizabeth, ATR-BC, LCAT from Rockville Centre, NY

We love "Pete the Cat I Love My White MASK" because it not only normalizes wearing a mask but the hook of the book is "Did Pete cry? Goodness no!" Experiencing these moments of resiliency with Pete helps to create a positive attachment to an accessory that might feel new and even strange at first, but can help to teach children how applying kindness and consideration can make the world a safer, healthier place.


Along with these goals of reinforcing new safety protocol behaviors, we also sought to address cognitive goal areas such as color recognition, pattern recognition/sequencing, and short term memory recall. To musically emphasize these growth moments and encourage opportunities to sing/read along, we recorded "gang vocals" to simulate a classroom participating in this storytime experience together. 

"Thank you for sharing [Pete the Cat Video]!  It’s timely too: I'm going to present at my district PD Ed Camp about tools you use to teach/support/reinforce mask wearing and hand washing. This will fit perfectly as a follow up!"

- Kimberly, Special Education Teacher from Barre, MA

"As a physical therapist, I often use music to motivate my kiddos. BenAnna Band makes it so easy to address PT goals with their Videos! My students are captivated by their energy and happily participate in the motions. Ben and Anna have the ability to encourage any child to focus and engage, which is a huge help to me as I try to work on their gross motor skills. My most active kids have been able to keep calm bodies and make good progress with the help of BenAnna Band music."


- Marissa, Pediatric Physical Therapist from Queens, NY

This music and movement experience focuses on motor, language, cognitive skills and self awareness!  Let's look at the movement goals we're working on through "La La La" and "Mi Cuerpo Hace Musicia"

- Body awareness

- Gross motor movement (stomping and jumping)

- Isolating body parts (shrugging shoulders and rolling head)

- Crossing the midline (clapping)

- Increasing balance

- Lateral gross motor movement (twist core and shaking hips side to side)

- Body part idenitifcation

- Following patterns

- Encouraging expression ("dance how ever you want to dance!")

"The Shy Little Monster" by Stephanie Leavell, MTBC is a favorite of ours!  This short experience focuses on social-emotional skills and cognitive skills such as:

- Emotional Recognition (i.e. shy)

- Auditory Awareness (i.e. whisper verse super loud voice)

- Following directions (i.e. volume of voice)

- Repetition and Sequencing Skills (i.e. "he jumped up to yell BOO")

- Increasing Attention Span and Focus (we incorporated short questions, spontaneous video clips, short dialogue, etc. to sustain kiddos attention)

"As an art therapist, early childhood educator, and parent, I have had the privilege of watching many children enjoy the music of The Benanna Band.  Ben and Anna have an incredible ability to engage children in musical conversations that are fun, educational, and inspiring. Their messages of love, kindness, inclusion, and acceptance are felt not only through the music they play, but also the way they interact with each other and the audience."

- Elizabeth, ATR-BC, LCAT from Rockville Centre, NY

This interactive musical experience focuses on receptive language, cognitive skills, social-emotional skills, and motor skills.  We're going to focus on the age appropriate cognitive skills through "Shake and Stop" and "Music In My Heart":

- Following directions (stopping)

- Counting 1 through 5

- Impulse control

- Auditory awareness (speed and volume)

- Following patterns

- Self regulation 

- Processing in real time

This fun and funky medley of "La Bamba" and "Twist and Shout" can be used to assess or work through gross motor goals, cognitive goals and social-emotional goals.  We're going to focus on what social-emotional aspects we're achieving through this video:


- Creative expression through movement 

- Directional movement of our bodies through a prompted dance (i.e. up and down, side to side, etc)

- Follow along to gross motor prompts (i.e. clapping, stomping, twisting, etc)

- Mirroring high affect

- Social norms via conversation before the song ("What do you like?")

- Encouraging non-verbal communication

- Praising independent interaction

"If you are in the educational field and are trying to get children to engage through music, then the BenAnna Band is where you need to look! From a first-hand experience and aside from their music being entertaining and catchy; their music gives the children a chance to express themselves, encourages children to move, develop their motor skills, and even teaches them the basic of rhythm."

- Chris, NCTE from Hicksville, NY

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