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All Animal Experiences & Videos

We adapted the classic "Over in the Meadow" to include animals that hibernate during the Winter time. We discuss what hibernation is and provide visual aids for each animal in the video.

This experience can also spark a conversation about celebrating Pride Month in June! Elton John is a Gay Icon, LGBTQ+ advocate, and challenged many gender stereotypes through his iconic performance costumes and gender fluid clothing. We focus on playing a rhythm to the word 'crocodile' (it plays: 2 + 4) throughout the verse and then encourage vocal engagement during the chorus by focusing on single syllable words (i.e. la, wah, meow) with visual prompts to increase familiarity. This experience can be further adapted as a receptive experience, language based experience, personal expression experience, or movement experience. We also encourage you to give your kiddos and clients the opportunity for individual input of what animal/person you could sound like in the chorus (i.e. sing like a dog, sing like sleeping bear, etc.). There's no limit but if you want some more ideas feel free to email us to get creative!

"All the Fish" by Caspar Babypants can be adapted for a wide range of animals and can easily be turned into a gross motor movement experience, but in this video we focus on water animals while incorporating American Sign Language.  We focus on fish, shark, octopus, and crab!

"Let's Go to the Zoo" is a great interactive experience that can be adapted to include students' suggestions of different animals.  We focus on various appropriate gross motor movement for animals that can be seen in the zoo.

"Sleeping Bunnies" by VoxSongs is Anna's all time favorite animal experience.  The quick change back and forth from high energy movement experience to imitating "sleeping" with quiet energy creates such a
silly atmosphere, encouraging cohesion between kiddos and their fellow companions both students and adults.  In live experiences we often encourage students to punctuate the phrase with "shhh" in the slow A section of the experience.  Because of the sequencing in this experience, students are challenged during the chorus by adding more movements each time to increase their auditory awareness.

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